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I am Alina Schumacher - Certified High Performance Coach™, Business Consultant to REALTORS®, and the Author of “How To Get Listings & Dominate Your Market”.

I love working with Entrepreneurs and Leaders, helping them rise to their next level of personal and professional achievement, using a proprietary and science-backed method as researched and developed by the High Performance Institute.

I also work specifically with REALTORS®, helping them create the quality business and lifestyle they desire, and ultimately achieve the freedom we all long for. I do that by teaching them my 'proprietary' Market Domination Process, which enabled me to become the #1 local REALTOR® within 2 years of immigrating to Canada, while homeschooling my 3 children.

Whether you're a BRAND NEW REALTOR® and don't know where to start, or whether you've been at it for a while and you're struggling - you've come to the right place.

I want to teach you how to finally get ahead in life and create the financial freedom and the personal satisfaction you've always wanted WITHOUT having to do a single cold-call, WITHOUT any door-knocking, and without having to memorize some 43 different, super cheesy, objection-handling 'techniques' that turn people off and just don't work. Even more importantlyWITHOUT having to sacrifice your health, your relationships, or your resources, by making the same mistakes that I made when I started out ... and that I see almost every new agent making.

You see, building a truly successful real estate business is actually not that hard once you know what to do, what order to do it in ... and perhaps even more importantly ... what NOT to do. And it doesn't have to take very long! In fact, when I first started I didn't have any connections, I barely spoke English (English is actually my 4th language), I had no college education, and no real business experience. What I did have was a very strong desire to succeed and no fear of failure.

I remember having new friends over one night in those early years, and while this business owner was admiring my ambition, he was a realist - or maybe a pessimist? 😉 - and he was trying to break it to me that it would realistically take about 5 years for my business to take off to the point where people would begin to know and trust me.

And I remember enjoying my pistachio trifle and thinking to myself ... 








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There are only few REALTORS® who have mastered their skill set to such a degree of excellence and proficiency, that looking in from the outside, selling real estate actually looks easy. The majority of agents however struggle and quit the business within the first two years. This valuable ebook reveals the 10 indispensable skills every REALTOR® must master in order to create a lasting business that provides the quality lifestyle, financial freedom and personal satisfaction they desire.


What People Are Saying:

"Hi Alina, I wanted to share with you my thoughts. I saw your ad on Facebook that peaked my interest with regards to moving my real estate career forward. I briefly read the summary and I thought, well its not terribly expensive and I'm in personal development mode so I thought what is there to lose. I bought the book and to my pleasant surprise, it is the best real estate book I have ever read.....which is many! All 74 pages were so engaging I could not put it down. I read it with a few interruptions in an hour and a half. I made plenty of notes and it will be my bible moving forward. The concept and principles were in essence simple but are concepts no one is currently doing well. It was very well formulated and the entire read, I thought you were speaking directly to me. I could relate to everything. After lighting a fire in me to reengage in my business, I decided to purchase The REALTOR® Confidence Formula course. I am half way through the 1st module and I am not disappointed. I am gaining lots of value from each point. Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to share your experience and your road to success with us. I look forward to seeing what the next couple years look like for me as I work to execute on the key principles."

REALTOR®, Findlay Real Estate Team, BC, Canada

"Alina is a one of a kind. Her rare blend of intelligence, compassion, and experience, makes her an invaluable asset to those wise or lucky enough to know and learn from her. She has a passion for helping others and is magnificent at it. If you have the chance to work with her, I fully recommend you do so. Alina is a woman who can make the world a better place, one individual at a time. I am proud to call her my colleague and friend."

Celebrity Voice Coach & Top-Selling Author, Hollywood


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