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I am Alina Schumacher - Certified High Performance Coach™, Business & Marketing Consultant to Real Estate Professionals, Host of The Alina Show PODCAST, and the Author of “How To Get Listings & Dominate Your Market”.

I specialize in working with Agents who want to go FASTER - without the overwhelm, the detours and the burnout, and I do that by teaching them my 'proprietary' Market Domination Process, which enabled me to become the #1 local REALTOR® within 2 years of immigrating to Canada, while homeschooling my 3 children.

Whether you've just recently started in real estate and are doing 'OK' or whether you're already successful ... but have NO personal life - you've come to the right place.

I wanna teach you how to finally get ahead in life and create the financial freedom and the personal satisfaction you've always wanted WITHOUT the overwhelm and the uncertainty, and CERTAINLY without having to do a single cold-call, any door-knocking and without having to memorize some 43 different, super cheesy, objection-handling 'techniques' that turn people off and just don't work. Even more importantly - WITHOUT having to sacrifice your health, your relationships, or your resources!

You see, building, growing, and scaling a truly successful real estate business is actually not that hard once you know how. And it doesn't have to take very long! In fact, when I first started I was a brand new immigrant to the country, a young homeschooling mom of 3, I didn't have any connections, ... barely spoke English (English is my 4th language), I had no college education, and no real business experience. What I did have was a very strong desire to succeed.

I remember having new friends over one night in those early years, and while this business owner was admiring my ambition, he was a realist - or maybe a pessimist? 😉 - and he was trying to break it to me that it would realistically take about 5 years for my business to take off to the point where people would begin to know and trust me.

And I remember enjoying my pistachio trifle and thinking to myself ... "Watch".



"I have read this book once and found it so intriguing I am rereading and studying it like a textbook when I was pursuing my doctorate! Get it ... Read it … Soak in the insights! "

Scott Oren

"Alina's Teachings are Remarkable! I came across Alina's book "How to Get Listings and Dominate Your Market" quite by chance. The advertisement for it spoke to me and it came at a time that I really need help. I ordered the book and after downloading it I started reading and didn't stop until complete. I'm very impressed. Alina's writings are very friendly, easy to read, easy to understand and packed with knowledge. Since reading the book, I have also ordered the companion course, The REALTOR® Confidence Formula that goes into more detail. I have started those lessons and I'm already getting a lot from them. I'm looking forward to the changes in my business. I have also gone thru her Self Coaching MAstery course......it left me amazed, teary eyed at times, and encouraged that all is going to be okay. I went through the 7 Pillars just listening; I shall return soon at a slower pace and take the time to answer and reflect on all of the questions it asks. Powerful stuff for sure. I'm so glad I ran into Alina's teachings. I'm positive I will become a better Agent and a better human."

Ron Huss
Broker, Professional Realty Services, Albany GA

"Hi Alina, This is awesome stuff! I've been in the business 25 years, and moved away from Calgary, to White Rock BC, where I'm going to focus on helping seniors, so your material is motivating me to get going! (I was the top realtor in my neighbourhood in Calgary, for many years, averaging over 100 transactions a year, but burned out! This time I'm going to build a stronger team, with better processes and systems! I'm looking forward to absorbing what you have to offer! "

Bob Dawe
White Rock, BC, Keller Williams Realty

"Having spent 28 successful years in media sales, I had a pretty good handle on the processes and relationship aspects of sales. I got Alina's book because, as a new agent, I simply need help getting leads. What an inspiration to be different from everyone else! All the "seasoned pros" have advice...and it's just like them...and all the other agents. I am very different and approach things differently so Alina's book was a home run for me! I will adapt the strategies outlined in the book to help set myself apart to reach my goals and surpass all those "seasoned pros"! I'm so inspired..."

Eric Mitchell
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Greenville, SC

"Hi Alina, I saw your ad on Facebook that peaked my interest with regards to moving my real estate career forward. I briefly read the summary and I thought, well its not terribly expensive and I'm in personal development mode so I thought what is there to lose. I bought the book and to my pleasant surprise, it is the best real estate book I have ever read.....which is many! All 74 pages were so engaging I could not put it down. [...] It was very well formulated and the entire read, I thought you were speaking directly to me. I could relate to everything. After lighting a fire in me to reengage in my business, I decided to purchase 'The REALTOR® Confidence Formula' course. I am half way through the 1st module and I am not disappointed. I am gaining lots of value from each point. Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to share your experience and your road to success with us. I look forward to seeing what the next couple years look like for me as I work to execute on the key principles."

REALTOR®, Findlay Real Estate Team, BC, Canada

"Alina’s book is intelligent, insightful, creative and compassionate in terms of building your business and making your work MATTER in your life! Hers is not a “get rich quick “ scheme or a self centered pack of mantras to get to your first million. No, this is an invitation to invest in matters of the heart. Both yours as a real estate agent and the hearts of the lives you get to touch along the way. There’s plenty of practical hard working advice that works! My business and my heart have been transformed."

Jim and Linda Christensen
REALTOR® Keller Williams Realty, Sparks, Nevada

"I just finished the book today. It’s a masterpiece and I can feel your sincerity, and kindness through your words!! Loved it!"

Brandi Adkins
Adkins Real Estate Group, Austin, TX

"Alina is a one of a kind. Her rare blend of intelligence, compassion, and experience, makes her an invaluable asset to those wise or lucky enough to know and learn from her. She has a passion for helping others and is magnificent at it. If you have the chance to work with her, I fully recommend you do so. Alina is a woman who can make the world a better place, one individual at a time. I am proud to call her my colleague and friend."

Celebrity Voice Coach & Top-Selling Author, Hollywood

"I have been in the real estate business for over 35 years and Alina Schumacher brings a cutting-edge distinction to the industry. The market is a highly competitive one, that has undergone so much change, that it is almost the fabric of our daily life. Each skill brings the power of truth and incorporates self-talk to bring about world class agent application. This book is a must for any real estate agent or company because it lays out the foundation for growth and success. I consider this book to be the “Real Estate Bible” for highly successful real estate agents."

Kim Erwin
Keller Williams Island Properties, TX

"Alina: Thank you for making your book available and affordable. I read it with interest, since I, too, homeschooled my two daughters all the way through. (They turned out with social skills and a decent IQ, so I'm happy to say that out loud!) Real Estate has always been part of my life, either as a homeowner, investor, flipper, or property manager. When I took the leap into sales in 2015, I knew it was going to be a challenge. Working as part of a team I love has made it easier, but I still find it difficult to turn off my work brain and properly enjoy my down time. I also struggle with being relatively new to the city in which I sell. Your advice on how to become the expert gave me the tools I need to grow more confidence in my area. Some of your growth strategies are just simply genius - and they appeal to the way I feel comfortable using my strengths. I know I will be referring back to your book regularly and working to sharpen myself just as you did! Also...it wouldn't be fair to sign off without acknowledging your personal reply to my private email! You were so quick to engage in conversation, I can see why clients responded to you and you were successful! Thank you again!"

Tanya DiNicolantonio
Sales Representative, The Brandow Group REMAX Escarpment Realty Inc, Ontario, Canada

"Alina takes you through an insightful journey to find the tips to make you a world class agent and live in your true greatness. These 10 Qualities really are indispensable if you want to take your business to 300+ sides. You’ve gotta live them and you’ve gotta own them! Alina will deliver insight and bring your thinking to a different level."

Kerby Skurat
Team Leader of the #40 RE/MAX Team in the Nation 2014

"Alina has been such a God send for me in my business. I was struggling putting everything together on our website, organizing our blog post, and being consistent in communicating with my email list. In just a few weeks she has given me more direction and clarity than I could have imagined. I felt lost and directionless. Now I feel like i have a clear cut plan I can implement and follow, that will ultimately lead me to the success I’m looking for in my coaching business."

Jessica Hensley
Real Estate Mega Moms

"Alina speaks from the heart as well as her head. Her practical, step by step advice is motivating, encouraging and simple to achieve! The difficulty is mastering the discipline to continue practicing every day and knowing and never doubting all of your hard work will pay off. She addresses this common obstacle by weaving in her personal story and how she overcame each and every obstacle. She genuinely cares about MY success in a rare and refreshing way and I hope to be the kind of person she is and how generous she is in sharing her experience, strength and hope with anyone who is willing to learn. I highly recommend Alina as a valuable asset to any Realtor’s toolkit."

Linda Christensen
REALTOR®, Keller Williams Realty, Sparks, NV

"Wealth of knowledge in this book that is straight to the point and not full of fillers. It’s a pleasure to read. "

Team Olyniuk
Remax Performance Realty, Winnipeg, MB

"If You Want Something You Have Never Had, You Must Be Willing To Do Something You Have Never Done."

Thomas Jefferson



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