5 Common Mistakes Agents Make On Facebook

Facebook is hands down the most lucrative platform when it comes to marketing and lead generation for Real Estate Agents. There's not even a close contender. And yet, I think it's safe to say that most Agents - even though they might try to post 'content' daily - see very little if any results. 

Here's why:


Mistake #1 - Using Their Personal Profile for Business Purposes

Personal Profiles, Business Pages, Private Groups - there's a difference, and each has a purpose. To really simplify this and give you a quick overview:

Your Personal Profile is - as the name suggests - for personal use! It's where you connect and share life moments with friends and family that you DO get along with (and spy on the ones that you don't), where you have to send and accept friend requests in order to officially "be friends" with someone, and where you can actually control the privacy settings of your posts as well as your personal information. 

A Facebook Page is a public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations. Unlike personal profiles, pages do not gain "friends," but "fans" - which are people who choose to "like" a page.

A Facebook Group is for an organization or business to promote certain activities. Users can join the group and post their thoughts on a wall and interact through discussion threads. Facebook groups can be open or private, aka by invitation only. 

If you are posting your listings and other real estate business-related content to your personal profile - I hate to break it to you - but you are actually spamming your friends. They might tolerate it for a while, but at some point, they are probably going to unfollow your newsfeed updates. 


But that's not all! If you are using your Personal Profile for business purposes and NOT a Facebook Page, you are ALSO missing out on the tremendous tool that Facebook created specifically for businesses!

  • You can create a professional profile showcasing your brand using various templates and business apps Facebook provides
  • You can run ads specifically to your ideal target audience and grow your page community and engagement by posting content that is actually relevant to that audience
  • You can promote your listings, events, create contests, promos and do giveaways and measure the results
  • You can do live video tours for your upcoming listings to create market buzz and see real-time stats and user data
  • You can increase traffic to your website by posting teaser content like 'coming soon' listings or giving away valuable content that will help your followers achieve their desired goals 
  • You can get valuable insight into your fans as well as on each of your posts specifically. I.e., you can view audience demographics, post-performance, how many people liked, shared, UN-liked, and even hid your posts, post reach, how many video views you received, how long (seconds, minutes, etc.) people actually viewed your videos, etc. 
  • You can create custom audiences, track engagement, and run retargeting ads via the Business Manager
  • And a whole lot more ...


Bottom Line: Metrics, Reach, and the ability to advertise is the most important advantage of having a Facebook Page vs. a Personal Profile, because,

You can't improve what you don't measure.

So if you're still using your personal profile for business purposes, create an official business page today - Here's HOW.

Make sure your brand (logos, colors, fonts, images, and your professional photo) is in sync with your website as well as your other online platforms. This is crucial for building recognition and top of mind awareness in your market area.

Check out my podcast episode #004 "The #1 Mistake Agents make with their Brand":

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Mistake #2 - Being Unsocial "Jane Doe, Realtor"

I think this is one of the biggest mistakes I see REALTORS® make. It's like saying John Doe, Plumber. I mean, it's SOCIAL media, right? I firmly believe that your primary goal on Facebook - or any social media platform - should never be to drum up business.  

Your primary goal on social media is to add value to people, start conversations (which is the new marketing), build relationships, be REAL - in other words - let people see not only your perfect real estate face but also your personal side, what you're passionate about, who you're sharing life with etc. 

So when you create your business page, my advice would be: just use your first and last name. Never include the word "Realtor", "Agent", "Broker" or even the name of your current brokerage in the page name. You just never know what the future might bring, and Facebook only allows you to change your business name a few times. Use a professional photo as your profile pic, create a great Facebook banner that displays your brand, your brokerage name, and your USP - you can create it for FREE here - and start sharing content that your fans will like, love and share!

Once you hit 50 likes, make sure to claim your custom FB URL extension under 'settings'. (I.e., Mine is Facebook.com/AlinaSchumacherPage, and my personal profile is Facebook.com/AlinaSchumacherProfile)


Mistake #3 - Making it All About THEMSELVES

Have you ever unfollowed someone on social media because their posts were always about "Me, Myself, and I"? I mean ... "Here's my new listing, my new sale - YES!!! I'm AWESOME, my upcoming open house, my sponsorship, my donation, my new receptionist, my new price reduction, my upcoming new listing, my not so new anymore listing, my open house again, my price reduction ... again." 


You get the point. None of this is wrong in and of itself - it's all in how you position it, and how you layer it.

PLUS ...

Consider this: If all you ever post is listings and listing-related content, then why should your clients keep following your page AFTER they bought something? ... Even if they are 100% thrilled with your service and the results, what's in it for them?


Mistake #4 - Paying Someone to Manage Their Page

I mean, hey ... if you're really that busy, and you don't have a few minutes a day to personally manage your account, and PERSONALLY respond to your fans' questions and comments - which adds that PERSONAL touch that sets you apart and gives your page YOUR OWN, PERSONAL VOICE - then fine - hire someone.

But you better find someone who really gets you, teach them your style, and have them communicate the results to you regularly and often. Also, find someone who is people-oriented vs. task-oriented.

I remember starting to follow a new agent in my market area, and I really liked what they were doing with some of their posts. So I commented and 'loved' a few of them! Then ... I did it again ... and again ... and again. And then ... I stopped.  

Wanna know why? 



Zero engagement. Absolutely no response to my compliments. Nada. Like ... nothing!!!

So, driven by utter astonishment and curiosity, I checked out a few more of their posts, and guess what ... I wasn't the only one whose comments were being ignored.

A little while later I found out that the account was managed by this agent's personal assistant, who evidently was doing a great job on the content side - aka sowing the seeds -  but completely dropped the ball on the engagement side - aka harvesting the crop => human connections = leads. And that takes me to my final point.


Mistake #5 -  Not Engaging With Followers & Missing Out on Lead Conversion Opportunities

Imagine all the human connections the agent above might be missing out on just by 'being too busy and not having the time to personally engage with their followers!


Adding your personal touch and your personal communication style, answering questions, and following up with your followers is crucial when it comes to building trust with people, and creating a solid stream of leads for your real estate business.



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