How To Write Property Ads That Convert

Being able to attract your ideal prospects and convert them into satisfied, loyal clients by getting them the results they want is most vital to your real estate business. 

And if ALL you did all day long is focus on just those three things - effectively:

1. Attract

2. Convert

3. Deliver Results

... you'd be amazed at how much more profitable and enjoyable your business would become.


For this blog post, let's talk about step #1:


And in this blog post, I'd like to specifically help you with how to write property ads that truly stand out - even in the noisiest market place - and finally deliver the results you and your clients want. 


But before we do that, let's get clear on the actual goal for your property ad. (I gave it away already, so allow me to expound)

Contrary to most people's beliefs, the real purpose of your property ad is not to sell the property; it's to attract YOUR IDEAL prospect for that property and get them to take action. 

The mistake most agents make with their property ads is trying to cram in every possible feature and spec they can possibly fit into the ad parameters, (abbreviation and all ... almost like writing a Twitter post)  because they want to totally WOW the potential reader.

You know the cliché, right?

If all of them start with 'awesome', 'incredible', and 'spectacular' ...  'awesome', 'incredible' and 'spectacular' eventually don't mean anything anymore.

And then they wonder why no one's calling.


See, most people buy based on emotion and then justify their decision with logic.

Giving them all those details in the property ad appeals to logic only.

But people don't buy specs and features.

People buy a lifestyle. People buy a solution to their current problem whether that's

a space issue,

a financial issue,

a locational issue,

a circumstantial issue.


People don't buy a product or a service per se; they buy what they believe that product or service can do for them ... which is typically either solving a problem or adding pleasure/quality of life. (Apply this insight to your listing presentation, and your commission won't ever be an issue again)


So what is it that you're REALLY selling?

The secret to powerful real estate ads is the careful skill of being able to create emotions within your ideal prospect that connect them with their dreams, ambitions, and their changing lifestyle needs or desires.

=> So when you write your ad copy: write it like you're writing to a friend, not a crowd of people, BE DIFFERENT, make it interesting and fun, use a conversational tone, tell a story if you can, and finally ... use images, headlines, and CTAs (call to action) that grab your IDEAL prospects' attention pique their curiosity and then encourage them to take action - which - ideally, is to contact you. From there, you can easily convert your prospect into a client, deliver the result they are looking for, and with that continue to build your repeat and referral network.

I hope you found this information helpful!


Cheering you on,



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