When Another Agent Offers a Lower Commission


 (Video lesson excerpt from my flagship program: World-Class Agent Academy)

How do you handle that delicate situation ... when the seller prospects like your presentation, but the agent they interviewed last night offered a lower commission for seemingly the "same type of service"?

Here’s a story on how I handled a High D style who was trying to beat me down on my commission because he had "4 other agents banging down his doors, offering him a lower commission".  


Here’s the deal:

If you don't 100% believe - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that your service is the very best on the market, and will deliver results faster, better, and more effectively … you shouldn’t be in business.


For real. 

=> If you’re just another average agent, you have no choice but to compete based on cost. 

But that’s not going to get you to the top 1%. 

If you are truly focused on value, however, then, what you bring to the table is worth every penny you charge and then some. Because at the end of the day it's about results. And even though your prospects may not have that awareness yet (most people shop based on cost vs. value), it’s up to you to educate them.


Therefore, never compete on cost ... only on value.


The good news is, you control your value just as much as you control what you charge ... and you get to decide what ultimately defines your business.



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