Work-Life Balance?


 (Video lesson excerpt from my flagship program: World Class Agent Academy)

Everyone wants more balance in life! But is it possible and if so how do you achieved and more balanced and harmonious state of life? 


Essentially, what we have to do is:

1.  We have to learn how to prioritize 

2.  We have to learn how to manage distractions.

3.  We have to learn how to say NO and stop overcommitting ourselves.

4. We have to learn how to deal with the unexpected things in life.


To expand on these points:


1. We have to learn how to prioritize 

And I'd like to start by asking you a few simple questions:

If today WAS your last day to live, what would be your greatest regret?

What would you wish you would have taken more time for?

What are the 3 MOST important things in your life? (The things that you couldn’t and wouldn’t wanna live without?)


Now, take a look at your daily schedule.

How much time are you ACTUALLY committing to those 3 things on a regular basis? Quality time, where you’re Fully present - without any distractions?

Here’s the moment of truth.

If those things really are most important to you in life, then when are you going to start treating them that way? What is in the way?

It’s really not complicated. You've just got to put them in your calendar and then treat them like an appointment with the Queen - and you would never ever cancel or miss that, right?

Steven Covey calls this the Big Rock principle. If you picture a jar, a bunch of large rocks, a whole lot of small rocks, some sand and gravel - these would be the BIG rocks representing the most important things in your life and they have to go in the jar first.

Once those are placed, the small rocks and the sand and gravel can fill the in-between.

But most people do it backward. They sort sand and gravel all day long, and at the end of their day they try to fit in the BIG rocks - and that doesn't work.

The bottom line is: You've got to know your priorities in life - and MORE importantly - you've got treat them that way.


2. We need to learn how to manage distractions.

We all know the #1 distraction in today's day and age. Our lives are revolving around our smartphone.

And studies show that a phone addiction is 10 times harder to break than a drug addiction.

There’s constantly some kind of notification going off - in fact, how many times do you wake up in the morning and check your phone before you do anything else?

And how many times do you just want to quickly text someone, and 20 minutes later you’re still checking your newsfeed?

Why do we give our smartphones more time, attention, and preference than we give to the people we love?

Something for all of us to think about and intentionally work on.


3. We have to learn to say NO to the less important things in life … so we can say YES to the most important things in your life - in other words - we have to stop overcommitting ourselves.

How many projects have you started that are still not finished and that could have been finished by now if you’d stop procrastinating and feeling overwhelmed?

How many projects are you currently working on that you wished you had never agreed to?

And I get it! We want to be nice to people and so when people ask us to do something for them we put our own stuff on hold and say yes to them when on the inside everything within us is screaming NO!

We do that because we don’t want to disappoint anyone and be liked by everyone. Isn’t that true?

The easiest and most efficient way of saying NO is time blocking. It's an amazing concept that is simple and yet for me - it was literally life-changing.


4. We have to learn how to deal with the unexpected things in life that often knock the breath out of us and cause us to lose our balance and sometimes even our direction.

The truth is, things can happen in your personal life and it will without any question affect your work life ... and things can happen at work, and your private life is affected. And that's life. We can't separate those things all the way, regardless of how much we try.

So what do you do?

Well, this again is easier said than done, but even though you can’t control most of the things that happen to you, you can control your response.

And that what’s either going to add to the chaos or calm it.

And we humans are so great at adding more fuel to the fire by over-reacting based on feelings and assumptions, and often-times false or incomplete information. But what we need to learn is to act or respond based on what we actually know about the situation and not based on what we currently feel.

This is vital to the health of any relationship - business or personal.

If only this was as easy as it sounds ...  but that’s why they call it a journey. The good news is, you get to decide how fast you go based on your intentions and discipline, and of course ... willingness to take responsibility.


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