The Power of a Well-Written Testimonial

Nothing speaks as loudly as a raving fan! A well-written testimonial is hands-down the most effective 'marketing tool' you could ever use in your business.

It's social proof.

After all, what is the first thing you look for when you're considering a product or service?

The reviews.

What are people saying? What was their experience?

Interestingly, even though reviews and testimonials are most likely written by people we've never even met, we tend to believe them more than we believe the claims and promises of the manufacturer or service provider - which should be a big clue.

For a testimonial to be effective and, frankly ... believable, it's important that:

it is specific, including measurable results/facts,
and is written in a compelling but relatable way. In other words, it shouldn't be vague but it also shouldn't sound like a commercial.

Let's take a look at two examples below!

"Alina was absolutely amazing to work with. We would recommend her without hesitation!" ~ B. & T.


"From the first meeting with Alina, we both felt we were dealing with a person of unusual honesty and integrity, which is something sadly lacking with so many today. After a very unsuccessful and frustrating experience with Comfree, where we had to deal with a parade of "shoppers" and not "buyers," Alina was able to sell our place at our full asking price in just one day." ~Mike and Jen T.

Which do you think is more effective?

Which one do you believe more?

Which one causes you to trust more?

Which one has actual measurable facts?

(Both are real, btw.)

Here are a few tips when it comes to getting testimonials:

The best time to request a testimonial is when the SOLD sign goes up, assuming it was a successful working relationship and your clients are happy with the result, of course!
To make things easier for your clients, use a question-based framework to make sure you get a powerful, concise (some people will love you so much they'll write you a whole chapter vs. a short paragraph!!) and effective testimonial. If you'd like our template, shoot me an email and I'll send it to you.
Ask permission to use your client's name and, ideally, a picture of them in front of your SOLD sign.
Use your testimonials on your website home page, in your print ads, flyers, and of course, on your social media!
Power tip: run a reach campaign on FB using the client testimonial and their picture in front of your SOLD sign. Choose your location plus a 15-20 mile radius reach and run it at $5-10 a day depending on the size of the audience for 5-7 days. Then switch it up to stay top of mind. This is one of the best ways to 'market' without actually having to brag about yourself and sounding like everybody else out there.

Hope you found this helpful! Remember, if you want to have what you've never had, you must be willing to do what you've never done. ~Thomas Jefferson

Cheering you on,


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Alina Schumacher

Alina Schumacher is a Certified High-Performance Coach™, host of The Alina Show PODCAST, founder of World-Class Agent Academy, and the author of How To Get Listings & Dominate Your Market ... Even if Nobody's Ever Heard of You! She helps driven Real Estate Professionals all over North America become world-class and build a 6-7 figure fully referral-based business - extremely FAST - using her proven 4-stage Market Domination Plan, which enabled her to not only become the #1 local REALTOR® in her market area shortly after immigrating to Canada and reaching the top 1% of all Agents in her province/board - but also, build, systematize and successfully scale her business into a thriving brokerage - while continuing to homeschool her three children.

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